Altenburg Patent → DOGIO Patents

Altenburg Patent, your trusted address for the protection of your intellectual property, is currently merged with DOGIO Patents and continues with this name from now on.

DOGIO Patents is a relatively fast-growing patent attorney firm that aims to be close to inventors to provide the best possible custom-made advice. We enjoy being one of the first involved in the innovation and development of new products. As a patent attorney firm we do a lot more than just writing patent applications. After all, it is not about the patent itself, but about what can be achieved by it.

We believe in an active approach. We seek out inventors to enter into dialogue with them. We visit fairs, companies and specialists from all fields to stay on top of the state of the art. The innovation we constantly see with our clients, is what we strive after in our team. DOGIO Patents was founded in 2012 and has become an international team with various fields of expertise.

DOGIO Patents is facing the future with great confidence. All employees of Altenburg Patent are employed by DOGIO Patents. You can also contact your trusted contact person through the contact details mentioned above in this letter. We hope to be the trusted address for protection of intellectual property, ensuring at least the service you are accustomed to.

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